visitors from the future

One of my very favorite memes of the moment is this string of old-timey photos that have sprung up all across the net, purporting to show modern people in historical locales.

Some have hailed the images as proof that time travel is possible.

Case in point, check out this snap from 1911, which appears to depict a kid texting:

But probably the most infamous of these photos is the one below, snapped in November of 1941 at a bridge opening in Canada.

See the kinda slacker-looking dude with the modern tee and shades? And what’s that in his hands, a compact camera? Alas, though the photo is genuine, and up for viewing in the online galleries of a Canadian museum, the guy’s stylings are not as modern as they look – it’s very  likely a forties-era dude after all.

Which only goes to show that the REAL time travelers must be sharp enough to avoid stepping into any photos.

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  1. Just a note – the photo is from 1941. We recently did an episode on our educational podcast series History Matters ~ ~ it also became a case study for in viral phenomena in museums ~ ~ if you’re interested in what the photo meant for its owners.

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